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Confidant Asset Management Case Study

Discover how CAM Net Lease provides passivity to net lease owners while increasing the value of their real estate portfolios

Property On-Boarding

Acquisition of New Construction Asset in Major Florida MSA

There is a common misconception that net lease property ownership is passive, and that owners will not have to focus on their property holdings until the end of the lease. CAM Net Lease has repeatedly witnessed owners being handed poorly maintained buildings by their tenants, with little method to seek recourse for the tenant’s failure to adhere to the lease. It is critical to begin tenant communications and property inspections on day one, as proven by our work with this property.


Managing Your Property

On-boarding Process


Our client purchased a new net lease retail property on a main thoroughfare leased by a national tenant. 

Within the first two months the tenant experienced or requested landlord reimbursement for:

1) Damage and repairs to the parking lot barriers

2) Plumbing overflow resulting from a failure to remove a pipe blocker during construction

3) Guidance on lawn maintenance issues resulting in rust build up on the building and common areas

4) Renegotiate the parking license with Grantor 



Members of the Confidant Asset Management team reviewed the terms of the lease to determine the responsible party.

CAM worked effectively with all of the parties involved to achieve effective results.

1) Inspected the damage on-site and determined the responsible party

2) Reviewed warranties and contractor agreements to resolve the issue 

3) Contacted the appropriate vendor on behalf of the tenant and resolved the issue in a short time period

4) Communicated with all parties to obtain the proper parking requirements


Property Value Under management


Square feet Managed 


Average Lease Term Remaining



“The team at Confidant has provided me with significant value by handling every aspect of property ownership from the moment we purchase the asset, to the moment the net lease property is sold. Allowing me to source deals and focus on company growth, rather than the day to day management of my portfolio.”

David Sobelman, GIP CEO

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