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Media Appearances


Shrinking Bank Branches Leave NYC with More Retail Space To Rent

Eating Out May Never be the Same After Covid-19

Wall Street Journal

Landlords and Commercial Tenants Negotiate Rent Breaks Amid Covid-19 


Making Net Lease Run More Efficiently

How to Know a Retailer May be on the Verge of Bankruptcy

The Danger in Net Lease Investments

What to Do if a Retail Tenant is Struggling

As Restaurants Turn to Delivery, Which Will Come Out on Top?

New Horizons for Net Lease

Coronavirus Leads to Tough Landlord-Tenant Negotiations

How Bankruptcy Courts are Hurting Landlords

Who Will Foot the Bill for Physical Distancing as Businesses Reopen?

Chuck E. Cheese Problems Show Weaknesses of Experiential Retail

National Real Estate Investor

Net Lease Retail Trends

Commercial Property Executive

Bracing for a Wave of Missed Retail Rents

Tampa Bay Business Journal

To Survive, Retailers Will Need to Expand Into New Customer Bases, Increase Market Share

Retail Single Tenant Bankruptcies and Closures Leave Net Lease Landlords Holding the Bill

How Landlords Can Use Their Relationships to Help Themselves and Business Tenants Get Through this Pandemic

Bankruptcy Advice for Retail Landlords

Tampa Bay Times

After Abrupt Lucky’s Market Exit, What Happens to its Tampa Bay Stores

Covid-19 Has Likely Quickened the End of Malls as We Knew Them 

Florida Business Observer

Steps for Landlords and Tenants to Protect Their Future

Landlords and Tenants Seek Middle Ground in Covid-19 Times

Daily Business Review:

‘Make Tough Decisions’ Coronavirus Plows Into Already Distressed Traditional Retailers

Naples News

The Irony of the ‘Nordstrom of the Midwest’ Potentially Replacing Nordstrom Itself in Naples


Retail Hitting the Tipping Point

Speaking Engagements

International Council of Shopping Centers

2018 Tampa Bay Deal Making Panelist: Trends in Net Lease Real Estate Sector 

Urban Land Institute

2018 ULI Young Leader Group Opening Ceremony Remarks

2019 ULI Young Leader Group Closing Ceremony Remarks 

2020 ULI Trends Conference Panelist

University of South Florida

2019 Trends in Teaching Symposium Panelist

2019 Bulls Business Community Panelist

Financial Times – Behind the Money

Rent, Real Estate and the Commercial Mortgage Market in the Age of Coronavirus

Fox13 Tampa Bay

Interview: How Will Retailers and Restaurants Weather the Economic Impacts of Covid-19?

WFLA Tampa Bay

Sales Tax Reduction and the Effect on the State Economy

Retail Landscape in 2020

Will the Pandemic Cause Tampa Bay Companies to Reduce Their Office Space?