Asset Management Services

Providing net lease property investors with truly passive real estate ownership

  • Manage Tenant Maintenance Request
  • Manage Tenant Reimbursement Process
  • Lease Abstracting
  • Source Vendors in the Local Market and Nationally

Bookkeeping Services

  • Record Reimbursements and Rent Collection
  • Categorize based on CPA Guidance
  • Manage Distributions to Investors and Partners

Tenant relations

  • Contact Tenant Representatives on Monthly Basis
  • Aggregate Tenant Maintenance and Contact Reports
  • Tenant Reports (Annual Reporting)
    1. Track Store Openings and Closings in Quarter if Possible
    2. Track Financials and Growth
    3. Track Key News

Property observations and portfolio strategy

  • Annual In-Person Property Inspections
  • Photograph and Take Detailed Notes of Required Improvements and Repairs
  • Determine Specific Asset Management Services for Your Portfolio
  • Analyze Local and Macroeconomic Market Trends to Develop an Operational Plan for Your Property and Portfolio