Managing net lease properties so you don’t have to.


CAM works to enhance and protect broker-client relationships and provide passive revenue for referring brokers. 


CAM coordinates all aspects of real estate ownership, from roof replacement to bookkeeping and tenant relations.


CAM partners with accountants and leverages its expertise to handle all aspects of real estate ownership for accountant clients. 

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Frequently asked questions

CAM provides services such as traditional property management, tenant relations, and vendor selection. We have been able to effectively increase the value of our clients’ portfolios by 36.7% over the last year through property enhancement strategies including coordinating capital projects, lease extensions, and executing new lease agreements with our national tenant relationships.

CAM provides consistent focus on each individual asset you own to enable you to make effective decisions about your investment portfolio as a whole. We actively monitor tenant performance and your asset’s competitive position in the market. You can think of it this way – your stock portfolio is also passive, but only because you have an experienced financial advisor consistently monitoring the investments. The same should be said for your real estate investments.

It is impossible to answer this question without a deeper dive into the specifics of your property. We are firm believers that strong net lease assets should be held as long term investments. The best way to answer this question is to schedule a property assessment with a Confidant Asset Manager.

CAM works seamlessly with referrals to keep you involved in the decision making process for each property while we work in the background to make the property easier to market through value enhancing strategies and institutional level document organization.